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Mayfield’s Premier Fitness Facility

Unlock the secret to a healthy, happy, and productive life. Maintaining a fit body and active mind is the key to fulfilling your life’s potential in longevity, achievement, and happiness. The Crooked River CrossFit difference is in the methods and in the results.

What we offer is a holistic, sustainable fitness program that’s fun and taps into everyone’s natural innate athleticism. No matter your current level of fitness, athletic background, or lack of, our knowledgeable and dedicated coaches tailor workouts that can be done by anyone, every single day. You’ll find boundless energy, reshape your body, increase mental acuity, develop good lifestyle habits -- everything that will take you to becoming the best version of yourself.

So, what are the workouts like at Crooked River CrossFit? We do things and move our bodies in ways that are natural to us. Jump, run, push, pull, lift -- all the fun stuff we did as kids, but with grown-up toys that challenge our bodies with a variety of exercises that keeps us guessing with every workout. Plus, our classes are offered in a group setting so you’re surrounded by an incredible community of like-minded people all working to become their very best.

See what makes CrossFit the best fitness program around and why Crooked River CrossFit is the best at delivering the methodology and results.

Things are made to happen.

John F. Kennedy

Make it happen for you.

Our Facility

Open since 2012, Crooked River CrossFit has taken every opportunity to expand and improve the gym and training experience for our members. Our 8,500 square foot facility is exceptionally designed not only to house our linchpin CrossFit classes, but also yoga, endurance, weightlifting and personal training programs. We’ve taken all of our experience in the fitness industry to procure and outfit our gym with the best equipment in functional fitness. Not only do we provide incredible equipment that allows us to design an infinite number of heart-pumping workouts, but we also boast a state-of-the-art Wodify station for tracking progress and performance, cubbies to store your things during your workout, and 3 showers to get you moving on with your day after class.

  • I’d like to extend a THANK YOU to Crooked River CrossFit co-owners Marty Pajek and Kyle Eshelman for their contribution to my successful weight loss this past year. With their instruction, guidance, and motivation, I successfully lost 70 lbs and 30 inches!

    Anita Pajek

  • I've had so many successes at CRC! Some of the ones I'm most proud of include… making a ton of new friends/family that I get to hang out with every day! Coming into CRC is the highlight of my day.

    Diana Hampton

  • What keeps me coming back day-after-day is the friends that I have made (including the coaching staff).  They keep me accountable and push me further than I think that I can go.

    Ben Keck